Global ROC’s Virtualized HMI Solution for a Texas Power Plant

The Challenge

Facing increasing concerns about aging hardware, a Texas power plant relied on Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems integral to their operations.

The threat of hardware failure loomed large, potentially causing downtime and operational disruptions. Additionally, obtaining replacement parts for their aging HMI hardware became a growing challenge.


Our Solution

Global ROC orchestrated a transformative solution by virtualizing the HMIs using VMware vSphere.

This virtualization platform enabled multiple HMIs to operate on a single, reliable server, ensuring redundancy and safeguarding against hardware failures.

The shift to virtualization not only addressed the immediate threat but also provided long-term benefits in terms of performance, scalability, and manageability.

Implemented VMware vSphere platform to virtualize HMIs

Project Results

Fault Tolerence

The switch to virtualized HMIs yielded significant benefits:

Improved reliability: Virtualized HMIs proved more robust than their physical counter parts.

Reduced downtime: In case of HMI failure, quick and easy replacements minimized operational disruptions.

Enhanced performance: Virtualized HMIs capitalized on more powerful hardware.

Increased scalability: Adaptability to changing needs with ease.

Improved manageability: Centralized management and seamless updates enhanced overall efficiency.


Global ROC seamlessly implemented the virtualization process, ensuring a smooth transition that maximized operational resilience.

The company now runs a fleet of virtualized HMIs, enjoying the advantages of advanced technology tailored to their specific needs.

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