Global ROC’s Secure Remote Access Solutions for California Power Plant

The Challenge

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) form the backbone of critical processes in power plants, yet many are legacy systems lacking inherent security measures. Global ROC identified the vulnerability of ICS to cyber threats, intensified by the necessity of remote access for maintenance and updates. The challenge lay in securing ICS from unauthorized access and potential cyber attacks.

Industrial Control Systems
Reduced risk of cyberattacks

Our Solution

Global ROC introduced a multi-faceted approach to secure remote access solutions for ICS, addressing the core security concerns:

Network segmentation: Isolating ICS networks from corporate networks to prevent unauthorized access.

Access control: Implementing robust access controls to restrict ICS system access to authorized personnel only.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA): Employing MFA to verify user identity before granting access to ICS systems.

Data encryption: Ensuring encrypted transmission of data to and from ICS systems to thwart interception.

Vulnerability management: Regular scanning and prompt patching of ICS systems to address vulnerabilities.

Security awareness training: Equipping ICS personnel to recognize and report suspicious activities.

Project Results

securing ICS in power plants

The implementation of Global ROC’s secure remote access solutions delivered a myriad of benefits:

Reduced risk of cyberattacks: Mitigating cyber risks through a layered security approach.

Improved compliance: Assisting industrial organizations in meeting regulatory requirements such as NERC CIP and NIST CSF.

Increased productivity: Enhancing operational efficiency by minimizing on-site maintenance needs.

Reduced costs: Lowering expenses by preventing cyberattacks and minimizing downtime.


Global ROC’s process involved meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a comprehensive and cost-effective solution tailored to the unique challenges of securing ICS in power plants.

Explore how Global ROC’s secure remote access solutions can strengthen your ICS against cyber threats. Safeguard your operations, enhance visibility, and improve incident response. Partner with us to achieve your cybersecurity goals. Learn more about our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions today.