Global ROC Optimizes Emissions Control for a Power Generation Company in California

The Challenge

A Power Generation Company grappled with inefficiencies in their NH3 (Ammonia) injection system, impacting emissions compliance.

The existing system, utilized for Four GE LM6000 Gas Turbines and one Mitsubishi Steam Turbine, operated manually due to a prolonged reaction time of over 3 minutes to register changes in ammonia flow.

This delay resulted in erratic ammonia injection, causing emissions compliance issues.

fully automate the NH3 injection system
Power Generation Company

Our Solution

Global ROC tackled this challenge with a tailored approach. Customized control logic, leveraging 1st and 2nd derivatives, was implemented to fully automate the NH3 injection system.

This dynamic logic not only addressed the extended reaction time but also ensured seamless operation during power plant startups, shutdowns, steady-state operation, and load transitions, eliminating the risk of compliance breaches.

Customized control logic

Automation of the NH3 injection system

Project Results

emissions compliance

The implementation of customized control logic yielded substantial results:

Elimination of delays: Reaction time reduced from over 3 minutes to industry-standard levels, preventing over or under-injection of ammonia.

Continuous compliance: The new logic ensured emissions compliance during all operational phases, minimizing the risk of regulatory violations.


Global ROC meticulously executed the overhaul, introducing innovative control logic tailored to the specific challenges of the power plant’s NH3 injection system.

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