DCS/ICS Networking Services

Our DCS (Distributed Control System) and ICS (Industrial Control System) Networking Services provide specialized network design, implementation, management, and security solutions tailored for industrial environments.

Features of Networking Services

Our services ensure that production processes are stable, efficient, and secure by creating a robust networking infrastructure that caters to the unique demands of DCS and ICS systems. 


Customized Network Design

Create a resilient and redundant network architecture that supports the specific requirements of DCS/ICS environments.


Network Implementation

Deploy industry-grade networking equipment, configure devices, and ensure that the network is optimized for the smooth operation of DCS/ICS systems. 


Secure Remote Access

Enable secure remote connectivity to DCS/ICS environments, ensuring that authorized personnel can access systems anytime, anywhere, without compromising security. 


Security Assessment

Carry out regular vulnerability assessments to identify and rectify potential security loopholes in the network.


Network Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of network traffic, device status, and potential anomalies to ensure smooth operations. 

Incident Response

Rapid response to any networking issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining continuity in industrial processes. 

Backup and Recovery

Implement regular backup protocols and recovery solutions to safeguard against potential data loss and ensure quick recovery in case of any failure. 

Training and Consultation

Provide training to in-house teams on best practices, tools, and technologies, ensuring they’re well-equipped to manage the DCS/ICS network. 

Compliance and Standards

Ensure that the network setup and operations adhere to industry-specific standards and regulations. 

Benefits of DCS/ICS Networking

What makes our DCS/ICS networking services stand out? Here are some advantages for you and your team.

Operational Continuity

A well-maintained network ensures that DCS/ICS systems run without interruptions, enhancing productivity. 

Enhanced Security

With the rise in cyber-attacks targeting critical infrastructure, our services offer top-tier security measures to protect against potential threats. 

Future-ready Infrastructure

Our services ensure that the network infrastructure is scalable and ready to accommodate future expansions and technological upgrades. 


Cost Efficiency

By ensuring minimal downtime and efficient operations, businesses can realize significant cost savings in the long run. 

Why Choose Global ROC?

When you partner with Global ROC, you can trust that you’re working with a team of seasoned professionals. We have over 50 years of experience in industrial control logic, process control, and information technology.

Consider the results we’ve provided for our customers.

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