DCI System Implemented at a Manufacturing Company in Singapore

The Challenge

A manufacturing company grappled with energy efficiency issues in its cooling tower systems.

Scale and biofouling presented challenges, resulting in heightened energy consumption, increased maintenance demands, and instability in temperature and humidity control.

energy efficiency
The DecaIon

Our Solution

To combat these challenges, Global ROC implemented The DecaIon™ (DCI) system. Specifically designed for cooling tower systems, DCI efficiently eliminates scales and biofouling, ensuring continuous peak performance of the heat exchanger system.

Implementation of The DecaIon™ (DCI) system

Project Results

energy efficiency

The implementation of the DCI system yielded remarkable results:

Energy Savings: Achieved a 17.4% increase in energy efficiency, reducing power consumption from 52.62kW to 43.45kW, translating to approximately 80,329kWh annual energy savings.

Reduced Chemical Usage: Operated without the need for additional chemicals.

Maintenance Reduction: Significantly minimized routine maintenance requirements.

Stability in Environment Control: Enhanced stability in temperature and humidity levels crucial for laboratory settings.


The transition involved meticulous implementation of the DCI system, addressing scale and biofouling challenges with an environmentally friendly and efficient solution.

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