Custom Control Logic Design

Plant managers and engineers need accurate and timely data from the field to manage their operations effectively. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems provide an effective way of monitoring and controlling processes. Based on the data, you can adjust production and generate timely reports on the current status.

Custom Control Logic Design Services

Global ROC provides virtualized SCADA systems to allow businesses to manage and control their processes locally and remotely. We offer control system services, ranging from real-time monitoring and review of historical data:


Supervisory Control:

Our industry consultants implement innovative technologies to provide real-time safety for distribution systems and pipelines. This allows our clients to view projects in a control environment.


Historians and Reporting:

We utilize existing historian technology to collect and store historical data from industrial processes, with built-in tools for reviewing trends and data reports. This allows our clients to visually analyze trends, identify potential problems, and improve process efficiency.


Upgrades and Migrations:

We help clients upgrade existing systems to newer versions or migrate the system to a new platform. Confidently manage every SCADA update and implement scalable modern platforms that align with digitalization strategies.


Enterprise Solutions:

Our systems engineers implement SCADA systems that fully integrate with the client’s enterprise system. View all the critical data from multiple plants using IOT technology in a central location for enhanced control system performance.

Custom Control Logic Design Benefits

Custom control logic designs are beneficial in many ways. Effective integration of SCADA systems will provide useful data for smarter business decisions. Other benefits include:


Improved process efficiency


Increased productivity


Early detection and communication of issues


Improved safety


Reduced downtime

Why Choose Global ROC for Your Project

Global ROC is a leading provider of custom control logic design services. We create unique and optimal solutions for power plants and refineries while promoting positive environmental impacts. With a focus on businesses that want to reduce their environmental footprint while remaining competitive, our innovative SCADA services are designed for the best uses of your business’ needs.

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