Global ROC Enhances Power Plant Efficiency by Implementing Automatic Generation Control (AGC) for Power Plant in Texas

The Challenge

A power plant with three 501F Gas Turbines and one Steam Turbine faced operational constraints with its Automatic Generation Control (AGC) system. The original AGC setup imposed limitations:

  • Megawatt Synchronization: Gas turbines needed to be within 15 Megawatts of each other for AGC control.
  • Setpoint Bias Dependency: A Megawatt setpoint bias was crucial, without which AGC risked over or under-generating by over 5 Megawatts.
  • Inflexibility in Configuration: Adding or removing units from AGC required turning off AGC, causing disruptions.
automatic generation control

Our Solution

Global ROC introduced a transformative overhaul of the AGC system, enabling:

Flexible Inclusion: AGC inclusion for a gas turbine once NOx emissions met compliance, independent of other units' current generation.

Precision Setpoint Control: AGC controlled with a 0.2 Megawatt setpoint, allowing seamless addition or removal of units without disruption.

Individual Load Restriction: Units could be load-restricted without affecting the entire power plant output.

Smart Logic Integration: Logic added to bring the gas turbine on AGC to minimum load in case of a steam turbine trip, with AGC automatically turning off once at minimum load.

Project Results


The AGC transformation delivered substantial improvements:

Efficiency Boost: AGC became more efficient and user-friendly.

Operational Simplicity: Operation graphics were updated and simplified for enhanced usability.


Global ROC executed a comprehensive redesign, addressing the AGC system’s intricacies with innovative solutions.

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